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Shattered Glass is a biographical drama film about journalist Stephen Glass and his scandal at The New Republic. Written and directed by Billy Ray, the.
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If these brave soldiers are unable to stop the attack, then there will be nothing to prevent this shattered universe from falling victim to the maniacal Optimus Prime and his evil legion of Views Page Discussion View source History. Jump to: navigation , search. The name or term "Shattered Glass" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Shattered Glass disambiguation. This year's chronicle shatters everything you thought you knew about Transformers!

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Here is a universe you never expected This is a truly malformed universe, where the Decepticons are heroic and the Autobots are evil! Coming this spring, the battle lines will be drawn and a new champion will emerge.

A young and noble Decepticon will stand up and fight for freedom, the freedom which is the right of all Transformers! Glass impersonated with frightening conviction by Hayden Christensen was on the face of it a quiet, modest, ingratiating preppy type who amused and impressed his fellow staff members of a long-established opinion-forming paper that claimed to be this was during the Clinton presidency 'the in-flight magazine of Air Force One'. The paper was seeking to reach a larger audience than its 81, circulation by brightening up its staid, unillustrated pages, and Glass was just the man they needed.

He seemed to have a great eye for bizarre Americana, a gift for finding strange people and extracting vivid quotes from them. It so happened that he was a psychopathic liar and fantasist who either considerably embellished his stories or made them up from the whole cloth. He skilfully covered his tracks or diverted people by puppyish humility: 'Did I do something wrong?

Are you mad at me? But the movie is about more than a single sociopath, who subsequently moved on from journalism to lucrative fiction with a confessional novel.

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