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Khrapai Date: Thursday, December 21, - Info stefano.

Read the complete article [more]. Info francesco. Info gianmichele. Hundreds of people visited our stand and played, with us, made questions about our work and research. Cnr Nano was part of it and hundreds of pepole had the chance of seeing and learning what a researcher usually do.

Theory and applications Abstract: The main goal of the seminar is to give an overview on the development of theoretical approaches for the description of molecular targets close to plasmonic nanoparticles and for ultrafast two? Info michele. Funded by the European Commission under its highly competitive Future and Emerging Technologies Programme FET to the tune of 3 million Euros, the project will run for 42 months starting on 1 October Find the new dates are available at the dedicated page.

Presentations will be also available after the colloquia. A essere ritratte sono 28 fisiche italiane, tra loro anche Elisa Molinari di CnrNano, e un solo fisico. Foto: Printable graphene inks enable ultrafast lasers in the terahertz range graphene-flagship.

The paper, published in Nature Communications, reports a terahertz saturable absorber with an order of magnitude higher absorption modulation than other devices produced to date. Leonhard Grill Speaker: Prof. Foto: A special issue of Macromolecular Materials and Engineering presents recent progress in electrospinning technologies and nanofiber utilization.

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Info dario. Foto: Left to right: E. Strambini, A. Fornieri, F. Giazotto, A.

Jeil Jung Prof. Claudia Draxl at the prestigious Humboldt University in Berlin. At the Humboldt University Caterina research activity will focus on the theoretical study of the interaction between light and low dimensional materials. Foto: Molecular spin transistor, formed by a TbPc 2 molecule inserted between two gold electrodes.

Troiani and M. Info filippo. We derive a Keldysh action for the tunnel barrier, describing the stochastic currents in the presence of a magnetization precessing with the rate?. An innovative laser, capable of emitting a very focused beam has been obtained thanks to the double nature of the Terahertz waves. Terahertz waves can easily penetrate plastic, textiles and other materials and are at the forefront in radiology applied to the detection of hidden weapons or bio-agents.

Press release in [more]. Cassinese Prof. In a Supersonic Molecular Beam Deposition SuMBD system, molecules are seeded in a hyperthermal carrier gas flow which, in specific conditions, is able to strongly accelerate them. Info arrigo. Casu Prof. Among others, its electronic conductivity has been praised to surpass that of copper at room temperature. However, laboratory tests yield a more sobering, differentiated picture. Nevertheless, the neural basis of recovery associated with rehabilitative intervention is debated. Lo avrete sicuramente visto frequentare i nostri laboratori, i nostri seminari e i nostri momenti conviviali.

Il Prof. It aims at bringing together the main experts in the field of Weyl-semimetal physics. Title: "Classical and quantum linear response: from lattice dynamics, to optical spectroscopy, and thermal transport" Syllabus: 1. Mathematical prelude: functionals and functional derivatives. Molenkamp L. Molteni Carla Molteni, Dept. All lectures are now available, with slides, from the MaX website see link below. It is a good chance to listen to prominent scientists and learn about materials codes such as Quantum Espresso, Yambo, Aiida and much more. Info daniele.

Many things have been done on black phosphorus within last two years, both from chemistry, material science and physics point of views, and more has to come. Info francesca. The meeting, structured in keynote lectures, symposia and poster presentations, will provide an important forum for the dissemination of new research and technological development in the science of photobiology.

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, Molinari stressed the important contributes brought to scientific enterprise by women and added: "Having more women in science labs is not only a way to give women new opportunities but also a way to enhance the working environment and the scientific research itself". The aim of the workshop was to review the activities that are currently going on in the Institute in the areas of quantum information, sensing and metrology, and in related areas. Besides, the workshop was meant as an occasion to elaborate common strategies in view of the forthcoming European calls within the Quantera network and the Quantum Technologies Flagship.

Students are caught in their nicest expressions of interest, awe and smart curiosity and a glimpse of activities in the different labs is given. Elisa Molinari speaks about gender equality in scientific research and argues that we need the commitment of all to promote women's careers in academia and research. The colloquia will be transmitted to the other Nano centre and presentations will be available in a dedicated page.


From airplanes to X rays, from smartphones to servers to access the web, everything we use daily has something to do with new materials. The use of graphene electrodes in single molecule electronics is considered a promising alternative to the traditionally used metals, such as gold. Twelve proposals were submitted and reviewed by an international panel of scientists.

The all of them were positevely evaluated and 4 were awarded with a grant She is a new researcher of Nano Institute, thanks to a Marie Sk? Info khatuna. As from the call , they are fixed-term researchers who already work in the Institute and will receive a budget to develop and independent research for one year. The projects will be presented at the next Institute meeting. The recipients are A. Ghirri, F. Telesio, V. Zannier, and G. Vitiello and S. They tell tjeir experience and try to be helpful for the scientific community. See big picture.

The young researchers are called to write and submit a project, which, if funded, they will be in charge of, from both the scientific and the management point of views. The call is available at the link below.

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The poster "Beta2-microglobulin amyloidosis: a molecular dynamics investigation of the DeltaN6 variant" was coauthored by Nano researchers Giorgia Brancolini and Stefano Corni. This conference represents a great opportunity to gather the large community of scientists involved in materials science and related applications, working at Universities and Research Institutions. The full calendar of Colloquia held by Nano researchers in Pisa is now available.

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Focus on nanotech excellence Nova24, the Sole24Ore magazine on technology and innovation, dedicates a focus on Nanotech business, investments and research. The featured article highlights the high quality of Italian research in nanotechnology and it credits CnrNano-S3 among the centers of excellence at European level dedicated to nanotechnology research. Electrospin follows the previous conferences which took place in Melbourne , Jeju , and San Francisco This biennial event has become the premiere venue for the presentation and discussion of the most recent scientific and technological advances in the areas of electrospinning, polymer nanofibers, and related applications.