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Jay Grant, the Sawdust's president, recalls in the book "The Sawdust Festival, The Early Years," that "visitors had streamed to the Sawdust that July night to see and purchase the wonderful arts and crafts filling the booths, but more than that, they also came to experience the eclectic atmosphere of strange characters and unusual sights Old barn doors.


Peasant dresses. Long beards and longer hair Rustic, funky, charming and brimming with the oddest collection of individuals you'd find anywhere. Doug Miller, age 68, is one of the longest continually exhibiting artists at the Sawdust: this summer will mark his 46th year. The painter, photographer, violinist playing jazz with his group, "The Moon Police" paints obsessively, creating one to two small acrylic paintings of Laguna landscapes every day for decades. He has uploaded many of his early Sawdust photos onto his Facebook page, and generously shared some of these for this article.

Sawdust exhibitor Greg Thorne begins booth construction, Laguna's character as an artists' colony began in the early 20th century with the influx of artists from across the country and abroad; and while the arts continued to flourish here over the decades, they took firmer root in the s.

Laguna Beach in the Sixties: A Colony for the Arts | KCET

The un-juried Sawdust Art Festival, exhibiting local artists and crafts people exclusively, thrived and eventually became a bigger attraction than the Festival of Arts. Sycamore Flats, still fondly remembered by many Happening attendees, was re-opened in New residents and visitors to Laguna Beach enjoy this relatively unspoiled canyon, along with the city's many artistic offerings; yet, few know of how our natural resources were saved, or of how the artists were instrumental in protecting Laguna's identity as a colony.

Today, however, this community is increasingly appealing to the very wealthy -- a gentrification factor that is undermining the artists' ability to afford to live here. As these artists are aging, many are moving to more affordable areas. Local artists, supporters and even people who work for Laguna's municipality are considering what the city can do to help our artists continue to live here.

Photo: Doug Miller. Archival image: Cynthia Fung , a Sawdust kid, later worked there as publicist. Archival image: Joe and Sue McClure.

She exhibited watercolors at the Sawdust. Dig this story? We are dedicated to providing you with articles like this one. Show your support with a tax-deductible contribution to KCET. After all, public media is meant for the public.

We Saw Nuns Kill Children: The Ghosts of St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage

It belongs to all of us. Exhibition "A Performative Trigger: Radicals of Irvine" shines a light on the cutting-edge performance and conceptual art created by UC Irvine students in the s and '70s. Read More. In the s, Mystic Arts World was a Laguna Beach emporium, bookstore, and gallery that showcased psychedelic art. Historian Bolton Colburn revisits the counter culture venue with exhibition "Orange Sunshine and the Mystic Artists In addition to baking creative pies like the In-N-Out-inspired Animal Style and lobster bisque-smothered Mobster pizzas, Dough Girl is lending a hand to local youth dealing with issues like homelessness and addiction.

A population as big as the state of Kansas are in prison. You may not know it, but the criminal justice system has immense impacts on our lives. Here are five things to consider. Learn how the World War II incarceration affected their lives and creations. Watch Now. Most of his friends dismiss it as a trick, but after the others have gone, Filby warns George to destroy the machine.

They agree to meet again next Friday with the others. George uses the Time Machine to travel to the future. He first leaves the machine on September 13, , where he meets James Filby Young again , whom he mistakes for his father, David. He tells him that an inventor lived across the road who disappeared around the turn of the century and that his father wanted to keep the house in case the owner ever returned.

George's next stop is August 19, , in a futuristic metropolis. An older James Filby tells him to get into the shelter. A nuclear explosion causes a volcano to erupt. George restarts the machine just in time to avoid being incinerated, but lava covers the machine, then cools and hardens, forcing him to travel far into the future until it erodes away. George explores, and spots young people by a river. A woman is drowning, but the others are indifferent. George rescues her, but is surprised by her lack of gratitude or other emotion. George questions the Eloi, wanting to know more about their civilization.

He asks about their books, only to learn they have been left to decay and turn to dust. Outraged by the Elois' apathy and lack of curiosity, George returns to where he had left his time machine, to find that it has been dragged into the sphinx-building, behind locked metal doors. Weena follows George and insists they go back, for fear of " Morlocks " at night.

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A monster jumps out of the bushes and tries to drag Weena off, but George rescues her and wards the beast off with fire. Weena informs him that the hideous creature was one of the Morlocks. The next day, Weena shows George what appear to be domed well-like air-shafts in the ground. One group of survivors remained underground in the shelters and evolved into the Morlocks, while the other group, which became the Eloi, returned to the surface.

Jay-Z Discusses Rap, Marriage and Being a Black Man in Trump’s America

George starts climbing down a shaft, but turns back when a siren begins blaring from atop the sphinx-building. Weena and the rest of the Eloi enter a trance-like state, and complacently file through the now-open doors of the building. When the siren stops, the doors close, trapping Weena and others inside.

He fights the Morlocks with the help of the Eloi, who prove to not be completely helpless, then escapes with them up the shafts to safety. Under his direction, they drop dry dead tree branches into the shafts to feed the fire. The entire area caves in, crushing and suffocating most of the Morlocks below. The next morning, George finds the sphinx-building in charred ruins and the doors to the building open again, with his time machine sitting just inside the entrance. Looking for an old book I read back in the early 70's about a young girl named Laura who is turning eighteen and being released from an asylum she has spent her childhood in.

Her parents sent her there after she set fire to the sofa.

She has an older brother named Phillip who left home for the service, I think. Dark haired princess can't leave castle grounds, gets lured out by these weird woodland gremlin things and kidnapped, the king her dad busts out some dope ass ninja skillz and whoops those gremlin's asses. One jumps out of a window after having sex with two men.

Hong Kong s & 70s : Mike Cussans' photos | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Any information on this book would be great. The book is about a girl who runs away in a town where children are not trusted and so are kept in silver chains till they reach a certain age and just as she was about to get her chains removed in a special ceremony it had to be postponed and so in that moment she ran away. Then she ended up in this museum that seamed small on the outside but was really a never ending shifting labrinth on the inside that had alive historical figures and stuff.

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And one could only navigate the labrinth if you thought a certain way and their was a young boy also there and the didn't get along at first so the guy who was in charge of the museum made them work together but then the authorities under the guise of looking for he swept through the museum looking for the horrible door that must never be opened which had a bunch of civil war soldiers behind it. And then something happens and it doesn't end well for the bad guys, that's all i remember. Im looking for a book where the main characters sister runs away and eventually comes back pregnant.

She ends up passing away somehow but the doctors keep her body alive to nurture the child until its ready. I do remember the main character would visit her often to uncurl her fingers and help move her muscles so she wont stiffen. Hello, I am looking for a book I read in elementary school around It is about a Queen, she has a lovely navy dress that the king loves because it reminds him of the night sky.